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Vinsanto By Gaia 2005

For “Vinsanto by Gaia(sweet wine), the primary grape used us Assyrtiko with very small amounts of Athiri and Aidani. The Assyrtiko is hand harvested when ripe but undergoes a variation on the traditional process. This must is then placed in old casks to undergo fermentation which stops once the alcohol level reaches 13% to 14%, giving a atural sweet wine.

The wine is then left to age in the fermentation casks previously used for white wine production for at least 10 years, so it can Vinsanto by Gaia 2005 Santorini Holiday Sweet wine on the beach in Kamariacquire its deep honey color and complex aromas. Vinsanto by Gaia is bottled without any fining or filtration.

Typical Vinsanto nose, with moderately volatile that contributes to the complexity of the aromas of wine and dried fruits dipped in honey, orange peel and tobacco.

Richly sweet in the mouth, with lively acidity that keeps it in balance and volume in the mouth. Perfumes honeycombs, honey, bitter chocolate and herbal hints in the mouth, with a persistent aftertaste evolving.

Enjoy this rare wine at 6-8C with a beautiful dark chocolate dessert. Only some 2.500 bottles of 500ml are produced each vintage.

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