Vinuri Romanesti

The Bat Strike Again

“Transylvania has always been a fertile soil for living legends. All myths to the contrary, first and foremost it is sublime wines that flow here. From grapes which draw into themselves the unique terroir of this region and deliver the raw material from which Liliac produces internationally renowned wines.

In today’s Transylvania, Liliac is bringing back to life a wine-making tradition that is centuries old. Original, cultural landscape and modern wine-making technology work here in a fascinating symbiosis second to none. It is here that autochthonous wines are produced, exciting in their finesse and complexity. Liliac corksWhether white, red, rosé or irresistibly sweet – whenever Liliac adorns the neck of a bottle, an inspiring drinking experience is close to hand.

The bat (Liliac – in romanian language) is not merely a namesake, but also an active partner in the battle against pests. With the installation of sleeping and breeding boxes, these flying mammals naturally regulate the insect population and at the same time secure the existence of the same species, threatened in many places.

The Transylvanian bats also find favourable nesting conditions in the numerous fortified churches in the country. And, with a bit of luck, the animals may be seen on their hunting flights around the church towers, as soon as the sun has gone down…”

Liliac Rose Pinot Noir 2015Lilac Rose 2015 is an dry rose (100% of Pinot Noir) with a color similar of salmon, clear and crisp, you are experiencing with interesting aromas of red fruit (raspberries, redcurrants), orange and discreet, intense spices and exquisite.

Surprise taste through a perfect balance between citrus and fruits (raspberries, cranberries, horns), high acidity, persistent and good minerality, with a final long taste. In addition to appetizers, dishes of fish and seafood, well chilled, it will be a reliable companion. We give them 88p.

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