VorOina – tasting of wines from the Vineyards of Northern Greece

Τhe 29 winemakers and members of the wine producers association “Wines of North Greece” have the pleasure to invite us in a warm and exciting wine tasting journey.
The event will takes place în the Port of Thessaloniki, on Saturday 20th of september.It is an excellent opportunity for professionals and the general public-wine lovers to taste the current vintage releases of the “Wines of North Greece”, Voroina wine festivalbetween hundreds of wines from all over Northern Greece vineyards, which will be available to be explored.

The evening was warm with a light breeze and the wine at the event was excellent. Congratualations go out to the organizers (Wines of Northern Greece) and to all the wineries and food purveyors in attendance. I look forward to attending next year’s VorOina! Kalimera!

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